spacialreign replied to your post: “honestly music and lyrics is one of the best movies of all time”:

Are you kidding me I just bought this movie from the thrift store a few hours ago……!!!!!!!!!!!!


I love it!!!!

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Q: Why do you hate Israel? Every other country in the region gives no rights to women. They punish rape victims, forbid women from driving, etc. Israel allows women the right to work, vote, go out in public on their own. Is it because they're currently fighting with terrorists who constantly bomb their citizens? I just don't get it.



Israel allows WHITE JEWISH women freedoms. Israel has democracy for WHITE JEWS only. Israel grants full access to education, healthcare, and suffrage to WHITE JEWS only. The black Ethiopian Jewish women who are sterilised for not being white sure don’t benefit from the freedoms you’re talking about.

Israel is built on institutional discrimination. Freedom, education, healthcare, voting, and all other liberties that Israel claims to espouse are only fully accessible to the WHITE JEWISH POPULATION. The Palestinian people, from who Israel has robbed swathes of land, do not benefit from any Israeli democracy. Ask the Palestinian women stopped at checkpoints in the West Bank and forced out of their cars at gunpoint if they feel liberated and free under Israeli occupation. Ask the Palestinian people who are fed a calorie-counted diet if Israeli militarism has opened their eyes to liberty. Ask the Palestinians who have had their homes in the West Bank demolished countless times by the Israeli authorities if that was a manifestation of Israeli liberalism. 

And have you even been to the Middle East? The women are not chained up at home by any stretch of the imagination and I find it really disturbing that you would tokenise them in an effort to score internet points for Israel.

This is one of the most important responses I’ve seen in a long time.

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Q: Equinox <3

What makes me calm is tea and hugs and kisses on the forehead and nice words

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Astrological Asks
  • Aurora: What is the most beautiful thing that you can think of?
  • Stars: Who do you think of most?
  • Bolide: What makes you want to give up?
  • Comet: Who do you like to be with?
  • Constellation: Is your family blood related?
  • Eclipse: Is there someone who you think outshines you?
  • Equinox: What makes you calm?
  • Galaxy: Who do you want to be?
  • Meteor: What makes you feel alive?
  • Nova: When were you happiest?
  • Orbit: Is there someone you can't stop thinking about?
  • Solstice: Do you prefer time with friends or time alone?
  • Sun Spots: What makes you feel bad about yourself?
  • Zenith: What makes you feel good about yourself?
  • Black Hole: Has there ever been a point where you thought nothing would get better?
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attn: im really cute

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Signs Most to Least Likely to Eat Ass



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won’t drink lukewarm water but i’ll put another person’s genitals in my mouth

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waiter: ready for the check?

customer: as a male feminist who loves eating pussy, yes that would be great

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